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a web app to train musicians to identify when instruments are flat or sharp within a lifelike musical context resembling a real ensemble

What does it do?

We’re building a web app to train musicians to identify pitch discrepancies between instruments in a musical performance.  Users select a set of instruments which play an excerpt from any of several recorded pieces.  The user must identify for each instrument whether it is flat, sharp, or in tune.  Difficulty is adjusted by changing the amount by which instruments are sharp or flat.

Current WIP

Current Demo (use Chrome or Opera)

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  • Alexander Britt (Client Manager): agbritt at email.unc.edu
  • Jonathan Medenblik (Chief Developer): jmeden at unc.edu
  • Rahul Ramkumar (Project Manager): rramkuma at live.unc.edu
  • Team (All members serve as editors) –  musicintonationteam at googlegroups.com


Evan Feldman: evanfeldman at unc.edu

Meeting Times

  • Client Meeting: Friday 3 pm
  • Professor Meeting: Wednesday 3 to 4
  • Team Meetings: Saturday 1 to 3 pm

Personal Intonation Trainer, Computer Heuristics